Paradise Found: Manuel Antonio

The word “paradise” gets thrown around a lot when talking about destinations. Spectacular beaches can be found all around the world. Beautiful jungles as well. So when we say that Manuel Antonio is paradise, you might ask yourself “What makes Manuel Antonio so special?”

In short, it is of all of the above – but it is also much, much more.

Blessed with one of the top beaches in the world, Manuel Antonio boasts an abundance of biodiversity that belies the size of the park itself. Despite being the smallest of Costa Rica’s national parks, the variety of wildlife is unequaled, with 109 species of mammals and 184 species of birds; including two species of sloth, four species of monkey, and more. The jungles of Manuel Antonio are an outdoor enthusiast’s dream, ideal for photographers, hikers, mountain bikers– you name it.

In case you were wondering, the waters off Manuel Antonio are just as diverse as the land itself. Dolphins and migrating whales are a common sight, and swimmers, divers, and surfers alike enjoy the waves and what lies beneath them.

Every kind of outdoor activity is available, from zip-lining to ATV tours, horseback riding, hiking, and more. Experience what it means to visit jungles and actually get to see all the life that thrives within – there are so many postcard-worthy sights and opportunities in this region of Costa Rica that you may run out of film (or space on your memory cards).

Joy and beauty surround Manuel Antonio. If paradise is what you seek, consider it found.