ATV Jungle Experience

Drive through the beautiful primary and secondary rainforest and alongside the Rio Cañas on the only fully automatic ATVs in the Quepos / Manuel Antonio area. Stop by two waterfalls for photos and a chance to cool off in the natural pools.

Pickup Times: 7:00 am, 11:00 am, 1:00 pm *Not available in the rainy season
Price: $110 single / $140 double + 13% VAT


Your adventure takes place within 80 acres of protected land. The adventure course was built with great care so as to be in harmony with its natural surroundings.
Professional guides will lead you through an amazing adventure course that includes:
Skilled Suspension Bridges, Waterfall Rappelling, Inclined Rappel, Tree Climbing Ladders, Canopy Tour Zip Lines and Tree-Top Rappelling.
Pickup Times: 8:00 am
Price: $95 per person + 13% VAT

Catamaran Tours

This tour departs from the Quepos Marina where you will set sail in search of dolphins and adventure. The catamaran anchors so guests can enjoy Pacific Ocean snorkeling. Take in the sites and the sun on this relaxing tour. Includes lunch and drinks.
Pickup Times: 8:20 am & 1:20 pm*
Price: $85 per person + 13% VAT
* 1:20 pm tour not available in the rainy season


Most charters will depart from the Quepos Marina at 7:00am. Charters range from ½ day to full day charters, in-shore and offshore options. In addition to charter cost, each person needs to purchase a fishing license at the marina ($13 per person + 13% VAT).
Pickup Times: Variable
Email for Pricing: [email protected]

Horseback Riding

Experience the jungles of Costa Rica on horseback. All horses are assigned based on your skill level. This tour is designed for the experienced rider all the way through to the person who has never ridden.
Pickup Times: 7:00 am
Price: $75 per person + 13% VAT

Wave Runner

The Wave Runner tour leaves Marina Pez Vela (the marina in Quepos) for a view of Manuel Antonio Park, and then continues to Playa Biesanz for Snorkeling. If you are an ocean lover, this is a must!
Pickup Times: 7:00 am, 10:00 am, 1:00 pm & 3:00 pm
Price: $130 single / $160 double + 13% VAT

Off Road Tours in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, with Tulemar Resort

Off-Road Manuel Antonio

This is a 3-in-1 off road tour in Manuel Antonio. Combines the thrill of driving the Mavericks through the rainforest and palm plantations with a visit to an amazing Eco Reserve in the mountains called Los Campesinos. In this Eco Reserve, there is an abundance of wildlife including many beautiful flowers and a double waterfall!

You will walk across an incredible hanging bridge which gives you amazing views of the thundering lower waterfall, and then take a short hike to a beautiful swimming hole at the base of the top waterfall where you can jump in and cool off. After your swim, you come back across the bridge, and a delicious Costa Rican lunch is ready for you to enjoy before heading back.

Pickup Times: 7:00 am, 10:00 am & 1:00 pm
Price: $350 plus 13% VAT for 4 guests (minimum 4 guests)
               *Additional guests $100 per person plus 13% VAT

Mangrove Boat or Kayak

Float through the Mangroves of Costa Rica, while relaxing and learning about the vast eco-system.
Pickup Times: depends on tides
Price: $70 per person + 13% VAT

Manuel Antonio National Park Tour

Visit the most protected and beautiful National Park in Manuel Antonio. The tour guides are very well educated on every aspect of the park. The guide will point out many things that you would never see on your own, they know what they are looking for.
Pickup Times: 7:00am
Price: Regular tour $60 per person + 13% VAT
              Private tour* $80 per person + 13% VAT
              * 2 guest minimum

Rainmaker Night Jungle Tour

This night tour takes you through the amazing Rainmaker Park, one of the most impressive rainforest ecosystems in Costa Rica. Home to the famous and almost extinct Harlequin Frog, Rainmaker has drawn scientists and researchers from all over the world. Equipped with a handheld LED light and headlamp, you will have the opportunity to spot bats, the Jesus Christ lizard, spiders, owls, snakes, a variety of different species of frog, and many interesting insects.
Pickup Times: 5:00 pm
Price: $55 per person + 13% VAT

Safari Truck

Take your safari truck (4×4) to Los Campesinos Reserve. You’ll visit a suspension bridge and view the treetops from above with great photo opportunities.

Enjoy a small secluded natural swimming pool in the mountains and visit the 300 ft waterfall in Quebrada Arroyo. 

Pickup Times: 7:00 am
Price: $85 per person plus 13% VAT           

Whitewater Rafting

Rapids will vary based on time of year, but this tour will always be adventuresome. You can raft on a guiding boat or be one of the crew to create your own exciting experience. This tour is designed for the experienced rafter to the first time rafter.
Pickup Time: 8:00 am
Price: $105 + 13% VAT

Slothwalk Tour

Take the TSI Slothwalk at Tulemar. As a part of TSI’s sloth research program, we often have Team Sloth members walking around various locations within Tulemar day and night in search of and observing wild and released sloths. Come on the tour and observe the Sloths around the resort.
Pickup Times: 9:00 am (Available Monday – Friday)
Price: $25 per person + 13% VAT
* Bring water, wear comfortable shoes, a hat, and sunscreen

Villa Vanilla / Spice Tour

You will experience the sights, tastes, and aromas of vanilla, cinnamon, pepper and other tropical spices, essential oil plants, and a wide variety of tropical ornamental plants
Pickup Times: 9:00 am & 1:00 pm Monday to Friday
9:00 am Saturday; closed Sunday
Price: $50 per person + 13% VAT

Surf Lessons

Whether you are a beginner or an avid surfer, the guides will access your skills and cater this adventure to your surf ability. Lessons are offered for all ages and levels. Instructors are highly qualified, professional, and bi-lingual and we are fully insured.
Pickup Times: 9:00 AM & 1:00 PM
Price: $80 per person + 13% VAT

Waterfall Full Day Tour

Get off the beaten path with this full day excursion. You will explore three different waterfalls before ending up at a semi-private beach. Every waterfall has a watering hole that you can leap into and one waterfall amps up the adventure with a 20 ft. natural water slide. Great for families, this tour lets you escape the crowds and experience Costa Rica like a local.
Pickup Times: 10:00 am
Price: Regular tour $130 per person + 13% VAT
             Private tour* $160 per person + 13% VAT
             * 2 guest minimum

Wildlife Refuge Jungle Night Tour

The Jungle Night Tour is a unique tour into the nocturnal world of the Pacific Tropical Wet Forest. Your Certified Guide will lead you through the complex ecosystem of the Refuge’s amphibian water gardens, hear the sounds of thousands of jungle residents, including more than a dozen species of native frogs.
Pickup Times: 5:00pm
Price: $39 per person + 13% VAT
* Please note that transportation is not included

Zip Lining

Soar through the air with a bird’s eye view of the pristine Costa Rican jungle. This tour offers thrills and excitement in a safe and educational setting.
Pickup Times: 7:00 am, 10:00 am & 1:00 pm*
Price: $80 per person + 13% VAT
* 8:00 am tour only during the rainy season

Night Paddle Tour

Head out just before the sun goes down, so you can enjoy the magical colors of the sunset from the water. After dark is when the real adventure begins. Each stand up paddle board comes equipped with LED lights, illuminating the water around you for an experience you’ve never had and will never forget!

Pickup Times: 5:00 pm
Price: $65 per person + 13% VAT