Costa Rica is at once exotic and alluring. It’s biological bounty is legendary; many travelers get their first taste of tropical nature here. Whether you come for adventure or rest and relaxation, this small Central American country offers a visual and sensory feast at almost every fun.

Costa Rica mixes technology and tradition. The standard of living is high, and the cost of living is low. Costa Rica encourages entrepreneurs. It welcomes foreign investment without an immense amount of red tape. This tiny nation no longer looks or feels like a banana republic. It is morphing into a combination of traditional agricultural lifestyle and modern amenities. The government focuses on education to support high-tech competition in a global marketplace.

Costa Rica has all the endearing qualities of a long-time economic underdog, combined with all of the high-return investment potentials of a developing nation. The national pride here is high, yet Costa Rica remains a place where the quality of one’s character is more important than raw financial wealth. There is politeness and courtesy here. If you slow down enough to smell the tropical flowers, you will appreciate the quaint charm of this remarkable country