Green Season is the Best Season

Green Season in Costa Rica sometimes gets a bad rap.

Sure, our “winter” is our rainy season – between March and October we average between 600mm to 1000mm of rain per month – but it’s also the best season to visit Manuel Antonio; rates and travel costs are much lower, and there are fewer travelers.

Your dream vacation need not be an expensive affair. The lower rates, package deals, and discounted travel costs make travel to Costa Rica during green season a lot easier on your bank account!

While it gets cheaper to visit Costa Rica there is something perhaps far more valuable to take into consideration during the green season: fewer travelers. This means that while you visit Manuel Antonio and enjoy Tulemar Beach, or any of the other magnificent beaches like Playa Manuel Antonio (one of the world’s top 25 beaches according to TripAdvisor), you may have the beach all to yourself!

In fact, lineups for activities and attractions are minimal this time of year, so if you like jungle zip-line tours or want to enjoy excursions through our many parks and historical sites, now is a great time to go. Less time is spent waiting, while more time is enjoyed participating!

Yes, it rains during green season, sometimes a great deal. But it also offers the lowest travel and accommodation costs, an opportunity to avoid other travelers, and some of the most spectacular skies and sunsets all year round.

This time of year also brings an explosion of life: Green season is when Costa Rica is truly alive.