Your Personal Beach Butler

Imagine finding yourself relaxing peacefully on a tropical beach, surrounded by every kind of paradise. Birds singing in the distance. Waves crashing against the shores with a steady oceanic rhythm. Sunshine overhead keeping you warm.

A sudden realization sinks in as you remember that you’re thirsty. Your moment of vacation bliss becomes spoiled knowing you’ll have to leave the peacefulness of your beach to fetch another beverage.

Then, as quickly as the panic came, it’s gone – as soon as you remember that Davide, the Head Beach Attendant, is nearby. He’s your own personal beach butler on this slice of paradise, and it is his business to make sure your rest and relaxation is not interrupted.

Reclining back in your lounge chair, you see Davide approaching with another delicious cool concoction sure to make your day brighter.

If that sounds like the way you may want to spend your fall or winter, you’re not alone. There’s always more room here at Tulemar!