The Sloth Institute at Tulemar Resort

If you’ve been around the internet much over the last few months, chances are you’ve come across adorable photos of baby sloths from The Sloth Institute. Featured on Upworthy, The Daily Mail, The Weather Channel, and many other sources, these little mammals have been receiving incredible amounts of attention of late.

Conservationist Sam Trull – dubbed by Upworthy as “The Mother of Sloths” – has been working to rescue and rehabilitate sloths since she first came across them as part of Kids Saving the Rainforest in 2013. It’s a process that takes time (of course) as sloths don’t do anything quickly, and adapting to new environments and learning the skills to survive are no different.

The Sloth Institute Costa Rica (TSI) is a non-profit organization based in Quepos/Manuel Antonio.

Their mission is to enhance the well-being and conservation of wild and captive sloths through research and education. They are also dedicated to collaborating with other sloth rehabilitation

and release programs. The first phase of the partnership involves plans to re-introduce sloths, orphaned and hand raised, back into the rainforest in the maritime zone adjoining Tulemar.

As it turns out, Tulemar is the perfect environment for reintroducing sloths to the wild, with excellent food sources and an abundant wild sloth population. An absence of electrical wires, a strict “no dogs and cats” policy, and Tulemar’s commitment to dedicating this land to conservation make this the perfect place for TSI.

We’re just happy we can help!