El Día del Niño: Celebrating Children’s Day in Costa Rica and Beyond

While most people are familiar with Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, there’s another lesser-known celebration referred to as Children’s Day, or “El Día del Niño” in Costa Rica. This special day is observed on September 9th and has its roots in Costa Rica, being one of the first countries to celebrate it, beginning in 1946. Subsequently, the United Nations formally recommended that all other nations also dedicate a day to celebrate and cherish their children.

Children’s Day serves as an important occasion to promote and safeguard the well-being of children worldwide. The Declaration of the Rights of the Child, established in 1959, outlines various principles, including freedom from discrimination, the right to love and affection from their families, and the entitlement to a name and nationality, among other rights. This day provides an opportunity to reflect on these principles and honor the younger generations.

Children’s Day is all about bringing families closer, creating cherished moments together with activities, games, or just unwinding. So, on this Children’s Day, we extend our warm wishes to you and your loved ones!