Monkeys of Costa Rica

One of the attractions that constantly draws tourists to Costa Rica is its incredible biodiversity. Most people look forward to seeing the exotic animals that Costa Rica is lucky to be home to — including the monkeys!

There are four species of monkeys that are native to the forests of Costa Rica: the Central American squirrel monkey, the Panamanian white-faced capuchin monkey, the mantled howler monkey, and the spider monkey. A running joke in Costa Rica is that there are more monkeys than humans, meaning there’s a good chance you will see one on your visit. If you don’t see one, chances are that you will hear one, instead — especially a howler monkey. These monkeys, the largest of all in Costa Rica, howl to their fellow monkey friends, and are extremely loud!

Tulemar Resort is just steps away from Manuel Antonio National Park, where many of these monkeys call home. We offer tours of Manuel Antonio National Park, where guests will earn about the jungle and all of the creatures who live there. We look forward to introducing you to the locals!