Help Us #StopAnimalSelfies

The Costa Rica Tourism Institute has come out with a new campaign: #StopAnimalSelfies. This is in response to the concept of “doing it for the ‘gram” or taking photos at places or with animals/objects specifically for the purpose of posting it on social media.

While most of us enjoy taking photos on vacation, getting too close to wildlife has negative impacts. Not only can it cause the animals distress but physical contact is also how diseases are passed. At Tulemar we are a Blue Flag Community taking care of our surroundings and we encourage all of our visitors to be ambassadors of the environment.

If you’re interested in animal encounters, ask our concierge about tours where guides are trained to handle them properly! Or, take a Sloth Walk right here at Tulemar to find sloths in their natural environment. And yes—you can take photos, just make sure you’re respecting the animals space while you’re doing it and share the hashtag #StopAnimalSelfies to spread the word.