ATV Jungle Adventures!

When was the last time you rode an ATV through a tropical jungle? If the answer is “never” or “not for years” then it is time you joined us for a quad ride like no other!

It doesn’t matter what your skill level is when it comes to off-roading on an ATV, we have options that work for everyone. You can stick to the well worn, beaten path and just enjoy the ambience, or you can join our more seasoned guides on an off-roading adventure through the jungles of Manuel Antonio.

Our fully-automatic 330cc Polaris Trail Blazer and 350cc Yamaha Grizzly are ready to take you through the secondary rainforest and alongside the Rio Cañas, with stops by not one but two beautiful waterfalls, perfect for photos or a short swim.

Meals are provided before or after the tours, depending on the time. For more information, head over to our ATV Jungle Experience page.

An ATV jungle adventure awaits. Don’t miss out!