Check Out the New Trail at Manuel Antonio National Park

At Tulemar Resort we are fortunate to be neighbors with Manuel Antonio National Park, one of the most visited parks in all of Costa Rica. While we offer guided tours through the park to help spot wildlife and identify the vegetation, it is a public park that can be explored independently.

This spring a new addition to the National park has made it that much more fun to explore. The elevated trail is named “El Manglar” meaning the mangrove, as the trail is built over mangroves. The area has never been accessible before, so this is an exciting addition. The trail hooks up to many other trails within the park and also leads down the beach.

Another added bonus is its compliance with the Equal Opportunities Law for People with Disabilities making it accessible for visitors of all abilities. If you’re interested in booking a tour through the park or would like to hear more about visiting it during your stay at Tulemar, please feel free to contact us!