You’ve made it to your Costa Rican villa, settled in and begun to relax – so where do you go to eat?

A plethora of dining options awaits you in Tulemar Resort, from Buena Vista Del Sol and its panoramic views of the Pacific to Puerto Escondido / Espadilla poolside. Locally, there are even more options, including El Avion, Agua Azul, L’Angolo, and Z Gastro Bar.

Buena Vista Del Sol is just a short walk from your door, with Pacific Ocean views overlooking Tulemar and a menu filled with the freshest, most diverse ingredients. Many travelers begin every day here with the breakfast buffet, surrounded by trees still glistening with morning dew and serenaded by the songs of the local birds. If you sit by the railing and peer into the canopy you may be able to spot some three-toed sloths!

Of course, it’s not just breakfast at Buena Vista Del Sol. Lunch and dinner are also delicious – enjoy a chicken mango wrap, with free range chicken topped with mango salsa in the best corn tortilla you’ve ever tasted.

Sunsets at the equator are the subject of legend and Restaurante Buena Vista Del Sol is the perfect place to experience that time of day when the setting sun seems to just kiss the horizon before sinking gracefully into the blue Pacific.

It’s a view worth enjoying.