Take Only Photos, Leave Only Footprints

“Take only photos, leave only footprints.”

We take those words seriously at Tulemar Resort.

Here, we do everything in our power to preserve the natural environment, bringing the rainforest and its inhabitants as close to our guests as possible, while still respecting their need for safety. Flora and fauna are abundant in the common areas and near the villas, and the villas themselves are occasionally visited by a variety of small insects (ants, bugs, mosquitoes) and other small creatures (geckos, monkeys, raccoons, birds, iguanas, bats) but never anything large or dangerous to guests.

Tolerance of our abundant animal population is a necessary compromise in order for guests to enjoy their stay here. Human beings are (thankfully) not in the food chain for any of these wonderful jungle inhabitants, so nothing is looking to bite you!

We do ask, however, that guests make sure to “take only memories” during their stay. Costa Ricans work hard to conserve their land, which is why 33% of the rainforest is protected by national parks. Seashells are lovely, but by removing them from their natural environment, we disturb the ecosystem, causing the beautiful reefs to die.

Some superstitious people even say that it brings bad luck!

So please, when you visit beautiful Manuel Antonio and Tulemar Gardens, we ask that you use your camera to savour the memory. Bring home memories, not keepsakes. 🙂