See a Sloth at Tulemar

For most tourists coming to Costa Rica, seeing a sloth is probably pretty high on their bucket list. Even though sloths have a reputation for being one of the hardest animals to spot in the wild, they’re actually one of the most common mammals of the rainforest. Here at Tulemar, we’re fascinated with these slow-moving little guys, so much so that we’ve partnered with a facility committed to the protection of sloths living in our backyard.

Located right on Tulemar’s grounds, the Sloth Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to research, education, and release of hand-raised and injured sloths back into the rainforest. They accept donations through their website to help save these gentle creatures, who often suffer injuries because of deforestation.

Because of the nature of the organization, the Sloth Institute is not open to the public. However, Tulemar offers daily Sloth Walks, where guides will take you on a walk through the lush rainforest to catch a glimpse of sloths in the wild.