New Environmental Initiatives Announced to Protect Costa Rica

There’s been a lot of good news stories surfacing in Costa Rica about the environment, which has been a breath of fresh air (literally!) when concerns are rising globally over climate change.

On World Oceans Day on June 8th our president Carlos Alvarado signed a decree to restore and conserve Costa Rica’s coral ecosystems. With more than 90% of our coral zones threatened by human activity and climate change, there’s no time to lose when it comes to protecting them.

In addition, a recent report shows that Costa Rica has doubled its rainforests! Deforestation has dropped to zero, and now more than ever we are investing in our rainforests, recognizing their environmental impact and how tourism relies on thriving ecosystems.

When you choose a Costa Rican vacation, you’re investing in our environment by supporting our eco-initiatives! And in our opinion, you can’t really beat a private villa overlooking the coast anyways. We hope to see you soon!