Happy International Sloth Day!

Today is International Sloth Day and here at Tulemar Resort we have a special relationship with the furry mammals. We are happy to have an ongoing partnership with The Sloth Institute (TSI) in which sloths are observed right here on our grounds.

In most recent news, The Sloth Institute is celebrating the successful rehabilitation and release of two three-fingered sloths:

“Three-fingered sloths are much more difficult to care for and most rescue centers around the country report a very low survival rate… making Destiny and Pocahontas’ journeys all the more special. As three-fingered sloths are strict herbivores, we make it a priority to provide a variety of fresh leaves multiple times a day… We also provide proper climbing structures and practice trees so that their motor skills develop accordingly.”

Interested in seeing sloths in their natural habitat right here in Tulemar? Join a TSI team member for a Sloth Tour and maybe you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of Destiny and Pocahontas. Happy International Sloth Day!