Children’s Day in Costa Rica

Everyone’s heard of Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, but have you ever heard of Children’s Day?

Children’s Day, or “El Did del Niño”, is celebrated in Costa Rica on September 9th. Costa Rica was one of the first countries to ever celebrate Children’s Day, starting in 1946. Eight years after Costa Rica began Children’s Day, the United Nations formally recommended that all countries also celebrate their children on a day of their choosing.

Children’s Day is a time to observe and promote the welfare of children around the world. The Declaration of the Rights of the Child, which was made official in 1959, proclaimed that all children should be free from discrimination, should have the right to love and affection from their family, and be entitled to have a name and nationality, among other principles. Children’s Day is a chance to acknowledge these principles and celebrate the new generation. 

Now, Children’s Day is a chance for a family to be together, to play games, watch movies, or otherwise relax. We wish you a happy Children’s Day!