Canyoning & Waterfall Rappelling Tour

Company: Quepo Canyoning
Pickup Times: 7:00am / 11:00am*
Price: $85

One of the area’s newest attractions, this half day tour takes place within a magnificent rainforest canyon where guests can enjoy a variety of exciting adventure elements including a waterfall rappell, suspension bridge crossings, the famous “monkey drop”, and a lot more!

During this tour you will feel what it is like to fly like a bird, climb like a monkey, swing like Tarzan, and scale down a waterfall. Enjoy fresh fruits and snacks at the base of the canyon’s spectacular waterfall where you can also cool off and take great pictures. A delicious hot Costa Rican lunch is also provided. Recommended for children 8 and older although younger children can join as well.

*11:00am tour not available in the rainy season