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If you are looking for the quintessential Costa Rican Oasis in which to host you wedding look no further.

Buena Vista Villas and Tulemar Bungalows, at Tulemar Gardens, offers a truly spectacular setting where you can host one of the most important days in your life.

Our property has one of the only secluded beaches available in Costa Rica for private events.  Our beach is equipped with electricity, running water and restrooms.  The Costa Rican Rain forest in your backdrop and the spectacular Pacific Ocean and breathtaking sunsets are your view. The property as well is home to many families of all three species of monkeys found in our region. They have been known to come watch many weddings and with our private gated community, they will be your only “uninvited guests”.

Tulemar Gardens and Tulemar Beach has been host to hundreds of wedding for over 13 years now.  It is one of the most sought after venues due to it’s very unique setting and services available.

Please see our Wedding services section to learn more about how you can host your wedding day at our Tropical Paradise.

Wedding Coordination Services

We do have a Tulemar Resort Wedding Group Specialist that will help with all your reservations, booking of tours for your group, book spa services and transportation of guests from the local or international airport to the resort. However an actual wedding planner is not only suggested but required. In order for the beach to be reserved through the HOA they require a professional to be hired to oversee all the details of your event. This is in your favor as planning a wedding in the Jungle, ocean side and in a foreign country, truly should be in the hands of a professional. At Buena Vista Villas and Tulemar we prefer to work with the fabulous ladies at Tropical Occasions. They were the company that planned the first wedding at our property over 13 years ago and have since then planned hundreds more. They have been in business longer than any other company in Costa Rica and have offices five minutes for our property. You are welcome to choose another planner, we have personally just had a great working relationship with them.  Please see our testimonials page to see comments from past brides and grooms who have had their wedding at our property with the help of Tropical Occasions.

Tropical Occasions or whomever you should chose will be able to get you set up with many services offered in Costa Rica when it comes to weddings. We have wonderful photographers, florists, entertainment, rentals, bakers and many more services available for your wedding. To see some past wedding of our venue please visit our wedding gallery to get a better idea of what your wedding could look like.

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