Wedding Testimonials

Feedback from our Guests

Dearest Tropical Occasions,

I cant believe its already been almost 2 weeks.  I also cant believe I haven’t emailed you yet.  Chris and I are still in pure bliss from the wedding.  I had no idea you were “that Good”.  Not that I ever doubted you, but dang – you rocked that wedding from start to finish.  You all truly are my hero!  Every detail you incorporated into the wedding still brings tears to my eyes. The setting that Tulemar beach gave was well- breathtaking. Me and my guest were able to walk away from that night with a life time of priceless memories.  Everyone that witnessed the perfection of that night is still in total amazement and I have YOU to thank for that.  I will forever be grateful for all the time and effort you put into our Day.  You thought of every element and it showed.  I felt like I was in my very own fairytale.  Words cant explain the level of gratitude we will always have for you.  Your presence as planners is so warm and friendly I felt like I had a Big sister or Best Friend carefully handling “my bubble” every step of the way.  I look forward to keeping in touch with you.  Chris and I will be back to Tulemar and Costa Rica sooner than later and we look forward to hanging with you and throwing back a  few tequila shots. I cant thank you enough for what you did for us.  You truly have a very special talent.  Anyone who gets married in Costa and doesn’t get the honor of using Tropical Occasions really is not getting the “full experience”.  You all made magic that night,  Thank You again and again and again

Friends forever and ever~

Lala and Beavis

Tulemar Beach March 17th, 2011


I’ll start by saying our wedding was nothing less than incredible! Brian and I expected it to be fun and beautiful (afterall we were getting married in Costa Rica), but our wedding day truly exceeded our highest expectations.

There is no question that you have to work with Tropical Occasions on this! They were awesome and we really owe the success of our wedding to them.  They were so on top of things, had great vendors, florist, hairdressers, band, cake baker, and all were fantastic!  And especially in a place where things seem to move a little slower, They were  the ultimate resource and got everyone moving. The staff are a lot of fun too. It was really a blast and there’s no way things would have gone half as well without their coordination.

Tulemar was the perfect setting for the event as well. We had 50 guests come down (kids included). The ceremony was on the beach at around 4pm – everything was perfect. The Tulemar staff is great!  You will get to know each one! They also did a freestyle-reggae-improv-rap with the band which was unbelievable! Definitely a highlight.  The food was awesome, my husband is a chef and I am  the ultimate foodie, and we had no complaints. We had tuna, filet, risotto, ceviches and salsa, all delicious!

hmmm…what else….the band was great too! They played reggae latin and were super. I don’t think we stopped dancing. The cake was beautiful and delicious also.  And the flowers were amazing.

Overall it scored a perfect 10. We wouldn’t change a thing!

As you can probably tell, reminiscing about our day makes me pretty happy. Of the 50 guests in attendance we had more than half tell us our wedding was the best they have ever been too.  I feel pretty confident that if you work with Tropical Occasions and have your wedding at the private and fabulous Tulemar beach  you will be hearing the same thing!

Pura Vida

Stacy Tottom- Benham


Thank you so much for organizing our wedding- it exceeded our expectations!

You had everything arranged and it was througout the entore planning and especially wedding day,  miraculously – worry free!!  In fact, I was so relaxed that I was a few minutes late getting back from the beach to get ready for the ceremony J You made many helpful suggestions such as where to have the rehearsal dinner and to the fabulous caterer for the reception.  We followed your advice and every time it was just what we wanted.  After giving some idea of what we wanted by picking photos from your website, you handled everything.  In fact, how you decorated the reception and I didn’t even look at it so it would be a surprise when we walked in.  It looked wonderful.

Everything was perfect.  We had our dream casual wedding on the beach at sunset on the truly spectacular Tulemar beach.  I would definitely recommend your company and this venue to any couple wanting to get married in Costa Rica.  Everybody had a great time.

Thanks again!

Cindy Johnson